Agency FAQs

Is My Agency eligible to receive Diapers?

You may join the Diaper Bank for diaper distribution if your agency:

  • Works with very low-income families

  • Can pick up diapers at the bank

  • Has on-site space to store diapers you plan to give to clients

How do I Join the Lowell Diaper bank?

Agencies complete an Annual Agency Application form, and fill out a Diaper Request Form afterward to place diaper orders.  To ask a question, please contact Nancy Coan at .  An online application form is coming soon!

How do I place an order for diapers?

Use a Diaper Request Form to place your order.  An email reminder will go out each week to participating agencies, asking them to submit their requests for the week.  If there are no requests, we will not open the Diaper Bank, and will inform agencies of that fact.

Most agencies request between a half a case to a case of diapers in a range of sizes per pick-up, depending on clients' needs.  We generally carry Luvs brand diapers in sizes 1 to 6. Diapers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Currently we are limiting each agency to no more than one case per size each distribution day. We ask that providers use diapers as an emergency measure for their clients, rather than a client's only source of diapers.

We also ask participating agencies track their donated diapers and collect basic demographic information using the Diaper Request Form.  

Volunteers restock the Diaper Bank

Volunteers restock the Diaper Bank

Where and how do I pick up Diapers?

The Diaper Bank is located at the Community Teamwork/YouthBuild building at 167 Dutton Street in Lowell, MA.

On diaper pick-up days, you may park on Market or Worthen Streets and access YouthBuild through the side door facing Club Diner.  Take elevator to the third floor - you will see the Diaper Bank storage area to the right of the elevator doors. A staff member from Lowell Alliance will be there to fill your order and help you transport diapers to the front door.  You may drive into the Goodyear Service Center lot afterward to load your order; please do NOT park in this lot when you first arrive.

When is the diaper Bank open for pick-up?

We are open Mondays and Wednesdays from 2 - 3:30 p.m., every other week:

February 20 and 22

March 6 and 8;

March 20 and 22

April 3 and 5

April 17 and 19

May 1 and 3

May 15 and 17

May 31


For more information on the Lowell Diaper Bank, please contact Nancy Coan at