The Lowell Alliance has provided support to me during very difficult times.
I feel that I have many shoulders to lean on ...
— Luz L., Lowell resident

 Our assessment takes a look at how residents and agencies view needs in Lowell - and how Lowell Alliance plans to respond.

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Our Vision for Lowell

We believe communities thrive when families and residents can readily access needed services, and have the leadership and self-advocacy skills to create positive change in their lives and communities.  This is best accomplished through mutually respectful partnerships, both with residents and other community organizations.  

By listening to each other, appreciating diversity, and fostering inclusion, we can learn from a wide variety of perspectives and benefit from the expression of many talents and abilities.  Drawing on these combined strengths and shared vision, we have the opportunity to realize our potential for a vibrant and healthy community life.

Food concession for Highlands residents at Clemente Park.  Tiles created by students from the Pyne Arts Magnet School.

Food concession for Highlands residents at Clemente Park.  Tiles created by students from the Pyne Arts Magnet School.


Our Programs

Our programs both fill in resource gaps for Lowell families and neighborhoods, and support community-driven ideas for change.  Program highlights include:

  • Empower:  Building Leaders, Strengthening CommunitiesThis new program, offered jointly with the Coalition for a Better Acre, is designed to develop leadership skills at the grassroots level and includes executing projects chosen by program attendees that change neighborhoods or the community as a whole.

  • Lowell Diaper Bank - Based on the National Diaper Bank model, the Lowell Diaper Bank helps ensure that local low-income families have an adequate supply of diapers for their children.  We provide diapers in all sizes free of charge to agencies who work directly with low-income families, including food pantries, day care centers, social service agencies, and shelters.

  • Budget Buddies Financial Training and CoachingBudget Buddies provides financial literacy workshops and one-on-one coaching for low-income women, helping them to gain financial independence for themselves and their families.  The Lowell Alliance is partnering with Budget Buddies and the YWCA of Greater Lowell to provide this award-winning program to women in the neighborhoods we serve.

  • Franklin Court Community Garden - In 2010, the Lowell Alliance partnered with Acre neighborhood residents to turn an empty lot into a thriving community garden.  In 2016, Lowell Alliance worked with Community Teamworks' youth to rebuild garden boxes, replace fencing and build a bench for residents.  The garden now allows more than 30 families to grow fresh food throughout the summer, and is an oasis where neighbors gather to eat, socialize, and enjoy open green space in the middle of the city.


Community Connections 

Squash growing at Franklin Court Community Garden

Squash growing at Franklin Court Community Garden

How we got our Start

Since 1999, Lowell Alliance has been a member of Community Connections, a statewide initiative that created coalitions in more than 20 communities to support and strengthen families.  Community Connections promotes a planning framework that is prevention focused, strengths-based, resident-driven, and builds upon the diversity of families and communities.  Like its counterparts across Massachusetts, Lowell Alliance works to help create a continuum of family support services for families and neighborhood groups who need them. We do this by working closely with Lowell residents and local agencies to identify gaps in service, and by providing referrals.   

We also seek to empower individuals and families in the belief that a strong network of informed and engaged residents results in increased services and assets for the community as a whole. By taking up leadership roles, residents can create positive change in their neighborhoods and community - essentially, to fulfill their own visions of what they'd like their communities to be.

Highlands neighborhood field trip to Lake Canobie

Highlands neighborhood field trip to Lake Canobie