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Budget Buddies speaks to Khmer Community Group members

Budget Buddies speaks to Khmer Community Group members

Khmer Community Group

Close-knit after years of meetings, members of the Khmer Community Group enjoy learning and socializing together, as well as sharing needs and ways to meet them.  They get together so they can:

  • Learn about programs and services in Lowell from free health care to community events and voter registration
  • Share individual needs that are not easily met by existing services such as offering support to a struggling young family, or translating mail from English to Khmer
  • Plan and coordinate social events, like Khmer New Year

For all these needs, planned or otherwise, Khmer Community Organizer Soady Ouch is never far away. Soady is out and about daily, stopping by to visit or chatting with the families who meet at Pailin Park after work.  

Soady also helps members discover unspoken needs, such as lack of comfort with technology, and intersects with Lowell agencies on their behalf.  She coordinates with the Mobile Food Bank, for instance, which makes a weekly stop now at Pailin Park for residents nearby.

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